Network Service Subscriptions

Network Service Subscriptions

Network Service Subscriptions

Network Service Subscriptions are special service subscriptions established by the Enterprise Network Provider for use by eligible Network Providers. To find out if you are eligible to participate in a special service subscription, contact your Enterprise Network.

Eligible Network Providers receive an award letter with links to the information below detailing how to utilize this feature.

Assigning Network Service Subscriptions

1) Login to your ARMS Provider Portal by visiting Using the sidebar menu, select "Manage Clients" to be taken to the Client View.

2) Click once to select the Active Client for whom you would like to designate a portion of the awarded funds & using the pop-over menu on the right, click the button to be taken to the client record.

Should you need assistance creating a new client, please review this KBA.

3) From the Client Record View, click on the tab. Then click on the button.

On the Set Subscription Page, you will be provided with 2 types of subscriptions to choose from. For the purposes of this document, we are going to focus on the "Network Subscription" options.
The Provider Subscription dropdown will provide you with a list of Subscriptions that have been configured by your System Administrator and relate only to your organization's billing practices. This list should be ignored until you intend to bill the client directly for services received. For more information regarding Provider Service Subscriptions please review this KBA.
4) In the dropdown menu beneath the Network Subscription Header, choose the subscription related to the Award Letter you received from your Enterprise Network.

The Maximum number of times the subscription can run will be auto filled into the box once you have selected one of the Network Service Subscriptions.
5) The highlighted field in the image below displays the maximum number of times that this Network Subscription will run. If your organization wishes to apply this network subscription for less than the period established by the Enterprise Network, then you may adjust the "number of times to run before stopping" to reflect a value less than the maxium that is displayed. You should think of this field as being limited to however many days you expect to provide a client with funds.

6)  Use the "Subscription Start" date-picker to choose a date for the Network Subscription to begin.

7) Once you have entered the number of times to run the Network Subscription (Period) and selected a Subscription Start Date, click on the button. Click to continue.
Since we selected today's date as the Subscription Start Date, the Subscription will enter 1 service to the client's ledger today and would then enter another service each day automatically for the next 41 days. After 41 days the subscription would expire and automatically stop entering services on the client's ledger. Check the Details & Examples section for a detailed breakdown of how these fields work.

8) Navigate back to the client's record and click on the tab to see that the Service Subscription successfully entered the service(s) on the client's ledger 1 time.

9) To see the details of the Network Service Subscription you just added for the client, click on the  tab and click on the Subscription anywhere in the highlighted box below.

Details & Examples

Fig 1. Details: 

Provider Allocated Amount: The total amount awarded to you by the Network Provider.

Provider Utilized Amount: The total amount that has already been distributed to clients via the Network Service Subscriptions you assign to clients.
This means that we have assigned service subscriptions which have already run and entered the service onto the client's ledger.

Provider Committed Amount: The total amount that you have committed to distribute by setting the Network Service Subscriptions but has not yet been entered onto the client's ledger.

Remaining Amount: The amount leftover after accounting for amounts which have already been distributed and the amounts which are set to be distributed but have yet to process. 
(Provider Utilized Amount + Provider Committed Amount) - Provider Allocated Amount = Remaining Amount

Assume that the table (Fig 1.) represents your provider amounts right before assigning the subscription depicted in the steps above.

Fig 1.

Provider Allocated Amount

Provider Utilized Amount

Provider Committed Amount

Remaining Amount





This table suggests that we have been awarded $5,000.00 total and that we have already added service subscriptions to clients in our ARMS Provider Portal. We know this because those existing subscriptions have triggered enough service entries for each of the clients assigned to them to have totaled our $2,000.00 Utilized Amount. We also know that we have not assigned any new Network Service Subscriptions because our Committed Amount is $0.00. This would leave us with $3,000.00 remaining to be distributed. 

(Fig 2.) represents what we can expect the provider amounts to look like after setting the subscription detailed in the steps above.

Fig 2.

Provider Allocated Amount

Provider Utilized Amount

Provider Committed Amount

Remaining Amount





We set the Network Subscription to start Today (04/04/2021) and it added 1 entry of $30.00 to the client's ledger which increased our Utilized Amount to $2,030.00. Since we set the period to 42 and 1 of those triggered today, our Committed Amount is now $1,210.00 as it has been flagged to be distributed but will not until the Network Subscription for this client ends. Because we have flagged these funds to be distributed to this client by assigning the Network Subscription, our Remaining Amount has decreased to $1,760.00.

Back Dating Service Subscriptions

As a Provider, you can set the Network Subscription Start Date to any time in the past in order to get an accurate account of when the client began receiving appropriated funds.

1)  When selecting a Subscription Start Date, use the date-picker to choose whichever prior date accurately reflects when that client was authorized to receive funds.
For example, if a client began receiving funds on Monday March 29, 2021 then I would make the selection in the date-picker as shown above and click on the OK icon. The result of this would be a service entry for each date up to an including today, thus an accurate reflection of distributed funds.
2) After selecting the appropriate date, click on the button, then click to proceed.

This subscription will make ledger entries for the 7 days prior to today's date and continue to run based on the period you set or it is manually stopped.

Ending Network Subscriptions Early

There are a number of scenarios where a Provider user might wish to end a Network Subscription for a client Early. One example might be that a client has met their goals early and no longer needs to utilize any of the funds that you appropriated to them while initially setting up their Network Service Subscription. To do this follow the steps below.
1)  Select the client from the Clients View, navigate to their Client Record and click on the tab.

2) Select the Active Subscription that you wish to stop early by clicking it anywhere in the area highlighted in the image below.
In the event that the client has more than 1 subscription, multiple will be listed. Active subscriptions have a normal font and black text while Inactive Subscriptions will be Italicized and grayed out.

3) Click on the  button in the lower right hand corner of your screen to Stop the Subscription.

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