Document Management

Document Management

All your files are in the cloud and can be easily accessed from any location and from any device. ARMS allows you to view all of your business documents relevant to your client(s) from one single location. It stores all your files securely in the cloud and helps your team stay organized. With ARMS, your organization can upload, send documents for signature, view or download documents using any device (PC, Laptops, mobile phones and tablets).

Saving documents to a client's record

1. Once you are logged into ARMS select  the menu button  from the top left to open the sidebar menu and select 'Clients'.

2. Select the client's name the document should be saved too 

3. From the client record view select 'Files' 

4. Select 'Upload Documents' 

5. Select the document you would like to upload then select 'open' to save it to the clients record

Any documents saved, sent for signature, or signed will be available in the 'Files' tab for review whenever you need them

Creating File Templates to Send for Signature

ARMS allows you to upload any documents your clients need to review and sign directly into the system. Let's say for example your policies and procedures, house rules, and resident agreement are all standard documents for every new client. You can easily create file templates using your existing documents. Set them up once and they are ready when you need to send them for signature to all of your new clients. 
1. Once you are logged into ARMS  select  the menu button  from the top left to open the sidebar menu and select 'Settings'

2. Select 'File Templates' 

3. Select the   button on the bottom right to add a template

4. Enter the name of the document in the 'template name' field 

5. Select 'File' then navigate to and select the document from your computer then select 'open' 

5. Select 'Add' 

That's it! Once compete you will be brought back to the document template list 

Sending Documents for Signature

You can send documents for signature within the app to directly to your clients using the Send for Signature feature. ARMS makes this a very simple process for you and your clients, just follow the steps below 
1. Once you are logged into ARMS  select  the menu button  from the top left to open the sidebar menu and select 'Clients'.

2. Select the client's name you want to send the document to for signature 

3. From the client record view select 'Files' 

4. Select 'Send for Signature' 

5. Click in the blank field just below 'Select document for signature' to open the list of your document templates to choose from 

6. Select the document to send for signature 

7. Select the email address in the send to field  

8. Select the 'Send for Signature' button 

That's it! Once your document(s) have been sent you be brought back to the 'Files' tab where you can view the status. As you can see from the image below the document titles f8850 was sent for signature 02/15/2021. Once the client signs, the status will change to Signed and the date it was executed. 

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