Adding System Users & Assigning User Permissions

            Adding System Users

            Step 1

            Click on the "hamburger" to open the sidebar navigation menu then navigate to the bottom and click "System" and then click "Manage Users".

            Manage Staff Users

            Step 2

            Click on the green [+] Add New User button at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

            Add System User

            Step 3

            Simply adding a user with no permissions requires you to complete all of the fields listed in the table.

            Fields to complete for adding a system user.

            Enter the name of the system user
            Enter the email address for the user. This will be their username when logging into the system.
             Enter the user's contact phone number. We recommend their mobile number so they can receive SMS notifications.
            Select active or inactive to grant or remove access for system users
            Time Zone
            Select the appropriate time zone for the user
            Select a caseload from this list if the user should only have access to view his/her assignments (not a supervisor, or administrator). If there are no caseloads listed from the drop-down please review this Client Caseloads Knowledge Based Article , or contact support for additional assistance.
            Enter a password for the staff user.
            Preferred Communication Method
            Select the preferred method for sending notifications to system users

            You must click save for any changes to take effect before leaving the screen. Do not press the back button in your browser window before saving changes.

            Assigning User Permissions

            Step 1

            To grant a system user access to functionality within your app's portal, simply tick the check box next to the appropriate permission to either grant or remove privileges. 

            Due to the nature of configuration and app user needs, not all apps will have the same list of permissions. Some will have special privileges not listed while others may have different permissions all together. For further assistance or questions, please contact support.

            The check boxes below the required system user fields pertain to specific modules and actions within the system. The table below will give a general overview of what these permissions do.

            Step 2

            Click the "Save" button to make and save any changes you may have made before navigating away from this view.

            Permissions Table

            Permission Name
            Permission Explanation


             Create, view or edit client goals


            Administer RECCAP assessments and view assessment results


            Access and view resources that have been added

            Manage Files

            Add or edit file resources

            Manage Organizations

            Add or edit organizational resources and contacts

            Referral Sources

            Add or edit referral sources and contacts


            Utilize Navigational Support functionality


            View custom created reports

            Report Engine

            *Coming Soon


            Create, edit, assign clients to events and view the event calendar


            Process, run and view ledger statements based on configured services. *Primarily used by our Work Release Programs contracted with the state.

            Drug Testing

            *Coming Soon


            *Coming Soon


            *Coming Soon


            *Coming Soon

            Test Orders

            *Coming Soon

            Test Results

            *Coming Soon


            Assign clients to configured housing units and view bed-board


            Access to edit functionality throughout the system


            Create, edit and delete app specific agreements


            Add and edit information to client face sheets

            File Templates

            Upload and delete client signature pdf documents

            Goal Templates

            Create, edit and delete configured client goal templates

            Client Groups

            Create, edit and delete client group categories


            *Coming Soon

            Client Caseloads

            Create and delete client caseload categories

            Intake Form

            Add, remove and categorize questions asked at intake, pre-screening, and screening


            Add, edit and delete housing locations

            Program Managers

            *Coming Soon


            Edit configured merchant account API information for processing client payments

            Paycheck Rules

            Add, edit and delete specific deduction segments for configured paycheck ledger services. *Primarily used by our Work Release Programs contracted with the State.

            Program Fees

            *Coming Soon


            Add, edit, delete and configure system parameters regarding program enrollments

            Service Fees

            *Coming Soon


            Add, edit, delete and configure ledger services for client account entries (debits, credits, paychecks, deposits complete-payable etc.)

            Subscription Templates

            Add, edit, delete and configure subscription templates for automated/recurring service ledger entries


            View information surrounding Navigational Support and view Navigator Engagement metrics 


            Basic permission that allows the viewing of any of the system generated reports.

            Balance Summary

            View balance summary report

            Segment Balances

            View segment balances report

            Debt Balances

            View debt balances report

            Savings Balances

            View savings balances report

            All Services

            View all services report

            Services Summary

            View services summary report

            All Paychecks

            View all paychecks report

            Upcoming Paychecks

            View upcoming paychecks report

            Location Services

            View services by location report

            All Transactions

            View all transaction report

            Card Payments

            View card payments report

            Scheduled Payments

            View scheduled payments report

            Batch List

            View batch list report

            Client Groups

            View client groups report

            Signed Documents

            View signed documents report

            Unemployed Clients

            View unemployed clients report

            Client Jobs

            View client jobs report

            Client Events

            View client events report

            Manage Emails

            View manage emails report

            Manage SMSes

            View manage SMS report

            Empty Beds

            View empty beds report

            Program Rates

            View program rates report

            Referral Report

            View referral report

            Client Progress

            View client progress report

            Outcome Infographic

            View outcome infographic report

            Clients Report

            View clients report

            RNS Outcome Measures Reporting

            View RNS outcomes measures report

            View navigators report

            Partners Report

            View partners report


            Create deposit records based on portal configuration specifications and DOC mandated reporting metrics. *Primarily used by our Work Release Programs contracted with the State.


            View dashboard containing useful management by exception widgets


            Basic permission for viewing system user information

            Manage Users

            Add edit and delete system user information, Configure system user permissions


            Basic permission for viewing clients and client records

            Manage Clients

            Add, edit and delete various client records (intake(s), pre-screening(s), client files, ledger access etc.), Necessary to utilize almost all other system functions

            Show RNS Functions

            Display various Navigation specific system functions. Critical to providing effective navigational support

            Setting up system user permissions can be a bit tricky! Please contact support if you have any concerns regarding your user's access privileges.

            Updated: 23 Aug 2019 04:55 AM
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