Client List View Overview

            ARMS Client List View

            Elements - 1 & 2

             Active/Inactive Clients Tab

            Click on the Active Clients tab once to display only the clients who are currently active in a program.

            Click on the Inactive Clients tab once to display only the inactive clients who have been discharged from any of your programs.

            Element - 3

            Search and filter the view down by typing any identifying information for a client. You can search by name, location, reference number or program. 

            Element - 4

            Client View Filter

            Element - 5

            Client Line Item

            Click once on any of the clients to open the Client Details Slide Over Menu (Item 7 in the image above). Double click on any of the clients to open the client record view.

            Element - 6

            Client Details Slide Over Menu

            Displays details about the client's enrollment in your programs (currently enrolled program, assigned groups, caseloads, locations etc.). As you begin to utilize more components of the system the information presented in this area will become much more detailed and useful.

            Element - 7

            Client Notes Tab

            Click on the Client Notes Tab in the Client Details Section to utilize the Client Notes Functionality.

            Element - 8

            View Client Button

            Alternative method for accessing the Client Record View. You can double click the client or click once and then click the view button here to navigate to the Client Record View.

            Element - 9

            Add New Client Button

            Click this button to add a new client to the system and enroll them in any of your available programs.

            Updated: 01 Aug 2019 07:10 AM
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