Printing ARMS Views

            Printing System Views

            Step 1

            Full page screen capture widget

            Click the "Add to Chrome" button to install the extension.

            Step 2

            The RECCAP Results summary is a perfect example of a view that you can print using the screen capture tool.

            Step 3

            Click the camera icon in your browser located next to the URL bar (where you type to navigate to a website).

             Camera Icon

            Step 4

            Download the resulting image as a PDF document to your computer by clicking the "Download PDF" Button.

            Download PDF

            Step 5

            Click on the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser window or navigate to your downloads directory on your local computer to open the PDF document using your system's default PDF viewer. 

            From here you have a number of options.

            1. Print the PDF document using your systems default PDF viewer (usually Adobe)
            2. Move the file to any other location on your system.
            3. Upload the file to your organization's Cloud.

            Updated: 05 Jul 2019 04:24 AM
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