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            Printing System Views

            Firefox Web Browser

            Step 1

            nimbus screen capture extension

            Step 2

            The RECCAP change over time scale and assessment results overview is a great example.

            change over time scale

            Step 3

            Click the [N+] icon in your browser located next to the URL bar (where you type to navigate to a website).

            Nimbus capture button

            Step 4

            Choose the Nimbus capture option that you want to use. In this example you will be selecting "Entire Page" for a full page screen capture from the options list.

            Nimbus screen capture options

            Step 5

            Use any of the available Nimbus image editing options from the toolbar or click the "Done" button located furthest right of the toolbar.

            Nimbus toolbar click done if not editing the image.

            Step 6

            Select one of the save options offered by the Nimbus Screen Capture Extension.

            There are many convenient options for saving the screenshots. The easiest method by far for saving the screenshot is by clicking the Save as image button. Choose where on your local computer you would like to save the image and then click save.

            Nimbus options for saving screenshots

            From here you have a number of options.

            1. Print the PDF document using your systems default PDF viewer (usually Adobe)
            2. Move the file to any other location on your system.
            3. Upload the file to your organization's Cloud.

            Updated: 10 Jul 2019 10:34 PM
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