Adding & Deleting Client Notes

            Adding Client Notes

            Step 1

            Click on the "hamburger" to open the sidebar navigation menu and click "Clients" to access your list of clients.

            Step 2

            Click once on the client you would like to make a note for to open up the client details section (the menu will slide into the view on the right side of your screen)

            Open Client Details Section

            Closed Client Details Section

            Clicking 1 time will slide open the client details section. Click the client again to close this menu.

            Step 3

            In the client details section click on "Notes" tab to access client notes.

            Notes Tab

            Any notes that have already been stored for the client will appear below the [+ Note] button.
            Each note will have a time stamp and a name so you know who made the note and when.

            The note above was created on July 31st, 2019 at 12:37 PM by the user "Master Application".

            Step 4

            To add a new note, click inside the text area field and type your note. Click the [+ Note] button to save the note and add it to the client details menu.

            Add New Note Button

             Deleting Client Notes

            Step 1

            Follow the steps listed above to access the client details section and open the client notes tab.

            Step 2

            Locate the note that you wish to remove from the client's record and click the "x" button immediately to the right of the text in the note.

            Delete Client Note Button

            Step 3

            The system will alert you that you are about to delete a client note. If this was a mistake, click the [Cancel] button. If you do desire to delete the note click the [Sure!] button.

            Cancel Or Confirm Client Note Deletion

            If you do decide to delete a client note, there is no way to recover the information. Be sure you are removing the correct note to avoid data loss.

            Updated: 31 Jul 2019 02:57 AM
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